Custom Embroidered PEARL WEAVE BELT

The embroidered belt is one bad belt! The belt is available in white, blue, purple brown and black comes embroiderd with up to 10 letters on the belt. But these are not just any belt these are a stong pearl weave gi material belt and built to last forever.  You can choise either Block or Script Lettering.  


These belts are made longer than our regular belts on purpose so that the embroidery will show; 10 embroided letters will extend approximatly 9 inches from the end of the belt. While these are labeled by size you can pick the length noted below that you would like for your personal taste.   

*********Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery***********

Custom Belts lengths in inches

A0 103" 

A1 110" 

A2 116" 

A3 120" 

A4 127"

A5 134


Custom Embroidered PEARL WEAVE BELT

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